dinsdag 6 juli 2010


My toy collection is getting sickly out of hand. Of course i have to blame somebody else to have a clear consious. So i decided to blame Femke Hiemstra and Leendert Masselink. Sorry guy's you made me do this and now even my own kids think im completely insane.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah blame it on the boogie, dude! To help you out I will ring your doorbell tonight to hand over an empty plastic bag for you to fill with these plastic friends. I will take care of this kerfuffle, no problem!

  2. Yep, it's getting out of hand. No worries, you'll be able to secure your place in heaven in a wink by handing over the toys to me. (@Leendert; the horned HOH figure is mine, and the pink winky head and the green faced straw hatter's got my name on it as well).

  3. Okay okay, pinky winky & strawhead are yours, (although Ingrid le B did choose these exact 2 as well!) We'll have to fight about HOH, or flip coins. I like the green man with the leaf-hat, Rupert, the wooden girl with the round blue eyes (the ignorant one with the Loulou hairdo) I do own the wooden robo too (mid-shelf) I bought a set of great wooden robo's, you can attach them to eacher with hands & feet and make a acrobatic composition with= them!