donderdag 12 april 2012

Schretlen Cover

You should see the way this image is printed on the cover of the "Schretlen magazine" ( I think I will upload a photo of the cover this week) Nice paper and wonderfull printing skills. Hardly seen these days. Most of the images I make end up on soggy crisis paper, but then again understandable.

City scents

I enjoyed making these "maps" of New York, Buenos Aires, Sydney and London. Each neighborhood has his own fragrance. A job for "Winq" magazine ( hence the mostly male activities depicted)


Here's Gula, one of the seven sins ( from a management point of view that is)

maandag 2 april 2012

New food illustrations

This month a new little book will be published with recipies. It will be a small book published by " Snor" publishing house. Still enjoying making foodillustration. Would be nice to spend some more time in the "actual" kitchen.


Magazine illustration about cleaning the house.


Just did a handlettering job for mothersday . I enjoy using handwritten type. Here are some examples I did during the last two years. I'm intending to do much more handwritten type to get more into it and try to get more handwritten type jobs

zondag 18 december 2011


Great news from France. Meta Kocht won the prize for best cookbook ( categorie female chef Switzerland) I'm proud to have been a contributor. Hope to see you in Paris soon because I'm thinking to attend the ceremonies.

I'm working on a new little cookbook, here's a sneek peak.