maandag 11 juli 2011

Dutch Design award for Opera

Good news today from Opera. They have been nominated for the Emma children's hospital in the category 'spacial' best interior. It's the interior of the children's hospital were the drawings for the walls were made by Christina Guitan and myself ( see older entry) On the 22dn of Oktober, an international jury will select one winner in each category. Very exciting news indeed. Let's hope Opera walks away with the grand price.

Cookbook Zwitserland

The cookbook is finally out. ( see older entry) I'm very happy with the results and it was a great job to work on.
I had the pleasure to have a nice dinner at Meta Hiltebrands home were she invited me and some of my friends. We had a great dinner and a lovely evening. Looking forward to more culinairy drawings to be made soon. Here's were you can get the book if you are interested. It's published by Waldegraf in Zwitserland. Were you can also buy it. Here are some pages.