donderdag 12 april 2012

Schretlen Cover

You should see the way this image is printed on the cover of the "Schretlen magazine" ( I think I will upload a photo of the cover this week) Nice paper and wonderfull printing skills. Hardly seen these days. Most of the images I make end up on soggy crisis paper, but then again understandable.

City scents

I enjoyed making these "maps" of New York, Buenos Aires, Sydney and London. Each neighborhood has his own fragrance. A job for "Winq" magazine ( hence the mostly male activities depicted)


Here's Gula, one of the seven sins ( from a management point of view that is)

maandag 2 april 2012

New food illustrations

This month a new little book will be published with recipies. It will be a small book published by " Snor" publishing house. Still enjoying making foodillustration. Would be nice to spend some more time in the "actual" kitchen.


Magazine illustration about cleaning the house.


Just did a handlettering job for mothersday . I enjoy using handwritten type. Here are some examples I did during the last two years. I'm intending to do much more handwritten type to get more into it and try to get more handwritten type jobs